Why did you contact Health Crossroads?

 I contacted Health Crossroads because I'd been having problems with severe bloating and stomachaches for years.  It seemed like very few foods left me without a hard knot in my stomach.


Do you feel that you were given an individualized plan ?

Sarah listened to all of my symptoms and came up with a plan for what I should eat and what I should avoid.


In what ways has working with Sarah changed your life/ lifestyle habits?

Sarah provided me with the one piece of the puzzle I'd been missing.  She easily saw the pattern that was causing my digestive issues and told me how to live with these issues.  This has made feel better all day, every day!

Would your recommend Sarah to anyone seeking help with nutrition related issues? If so, why?

I have already recommended Sarah to two friends who have been suffering with digestive issues.  I feel confident that she will be able to help them as much as she has helped me!  Sarah is committed and dedicated and will work with you until she comes up with answers to help you.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

Sarah is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and you can see this in how she lives her own life.  Sarah is the model of health and she genuinely wants to help her clients learn how to achieve their healthiest version of themselves as well.  She's amazing!

—  Rebecca, March 2018

2901 Ohio Blvd, Suite 113-5

Terre Haute, IN 47803



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